​​​​​DECEMBER 2017

The following are the December 2017 Burnsville Community Foundation monthly meeting minutes: 


                                                                   BURNSVILLE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION
                                                                      MONTHLY BOARD MEETING MINUTES
                                                                                    December 12, 2017

The Burnsville Community Foundation (BCF) met for their monthly meeting on the 12th day of December, 2017.

The meeting was called to order at 4:32 PM by board president Michael Esch.

Leadership Present:            Michael Esch                President

                                             Ed Delmoro                  Vice President Winter Lighting
                                             Mary Jo DeLise            Vice President Fund Raising
                                             Matt Edwards               Vice President Winter Lighting
                                             Steve Bringgold            Treasurer, Outgoing
                                             Adam Decknatel           Treasurer, Incoming
                                             Brady Folkestad           Secretary
                                             Allan Spillers                 Ex-Officio, Past President

Board Members Present:     James Galbrecht           John Swaney
                                             Mike McKeen                Cheryl Morton 
                                             Eric Olson


Morton motioned to approve. Edwards seconded motion.  Motion passed. 


Bringgold provided an update on the treasurer's report. The total balance reconciles with the books. The winter lighting and mini lights accounts will be further reconciled with the help of Delmoro and Edwards. 

Motion to approve the addition of Decknatel to the BCF checking account as a signer and to remove Bringgold. After discussion an amendment to the motion was made to also include that Bringgold's duties as treasurer will cease as of 12-12-2017 and that Decknatel will assume such duties as of 12-13-2017. DeLise Motioned to approve.  McKeen seconded motion.  Motion passed.

Resolved: Effective 12-13-2017 Decknatel will assume the duties of Treasurer for the BCF. This includes the signing of the checks necessary for the organization to conduct business. Decknatel is hereby directed to proceed to Anchor Bank and request that he be added as an authorized signer on the BCF account and to be granted access to the accounts via internet banking. 


Winter Lighting and Snowflakes: Edwards updated the committee on fundraising efforts. $700 collected from the Nutmeg Brewhouse limited release beer. Only 2-4 donations still outstanding. 

Maintenance: Swaney spoke with Dave Grommesch at the city of Burnsville and it was determined that there is nothing in regard to general upkeep and maintenance that requires funds from the BCF at this time. It was brought to the committee’s attention that the Vanderlaan Garden “Sand Lot” bronze baseball sculpture was vandalized (cracked bat) and this will need to be fixed in the spring/summer. Currently it is too cold for repair. 

Hommage: DeLise provided an update on donations collected.  It was also confirmed with the sculptor that the next payment of $40,000.00 can be deferred with no issue due to the present progress on the clay portion.

Annual Winter Lighting Ceremony:  DeLise provided an update. It was concluded that the ceremony was a success again for the 19th year. At the event $500.00 was raised selling lighted buttons. The Mayor received one complaint from a community member that seemed to be upset over her child not receiving a chicken sandwich and desired we served alcohol. Michael responded politely to the community member. No changes to the event were deemed necessary by the committee. 

Ascent Fountain: Galbrecht brought to the committees attention that lighting for the winter months is necessary for the Ascent Sculpture installation as summer lighting is turned off when the park is winterized. Estimates from the City of Burnsville to add lighting is projected to cost less than $2,000.00. The Foundation will ask the city to participate in this expense. 


Bringgold motioned to adjourn.  Swaney seconded motion.  Motion passes.  The meeting was adjourned at 4:57 PM. 

Respectfully Submitted,

Brady Folkestad, acting secretary, Burnsville Community Foundation